building a consistent identity to increase traffic, generate leads, and nurture customer loyalty. 

we help entrepreneurs who are ready to

get their social media in check. show up and glow up.

communicate their message on a deeper level to resonate with their target audience

grow their online community with engaged and committed followers

Let’s face it – social media is important. Your target audience is more than likely regularly active on social media, and they are waiting for your brand message to resonate with them. Social media management is so much more than throwing something at the wall and hoping it sticks – true social media management requires understanding, strategy, and regular implementation.


We start by getting a strong understanding of your business, vision, and goals. We have packages to meet you where you’re at in your social journey. Whether you love or hate social media, we can help you stay in your zone of genius and you can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you please.


We offer two main social media packages for you two choose from depending on your desired level of involvement. Our social media management packages are strategic, intentional, and effective. Get ready to grow your following.



Initial consult: 30 minute consult with a social media consultant

Platforms: up to 2 - Instagram, Facebook

Content: Supplied by you with an option for premium stock images

Filter: A custom filter applied to all images

Templates: Custom branded templates created for IG Feed & Stories

Captions: Written by you or written by us

Hashtags: Includes 30 researched hashtags on each post

Bonus: Creative story highlight covers


**no lock in contract. Pay monthly.



Includes ALL Ultimate Social Media features, plus:

Client Management: We manage DMs & reply to comments via your account

Engagement: We hop on your IG account and interact with dream

clients and target accounts

Social Marketing: We develop an ad campaign based on your

budget and implement accordingly

**no lock in contract. Pay monthly.




“Ashley has helped SKYROCKET my social media presence for my podcast, In My Non-Expert Opinion. I came to her and Rose Designs after feeling totally burnt out from content creation, ideation, planning, scheduling, evaluating - TOO MUCH WORK with very little return. After talking with Ashley, it was clear she understood my vision and created graphics that are SO shareable and engaging. She also planned my feed a MONTH out, that looked cohesive, on-brand, and professional. I’ve gained over 100+ followers in the month we’ve worked together, and my analytics are mind-blowing - I thought there was a glitch with the system, THAT’s how much of a spike I saw! My reach went from 162 to 1,500 in ONE WEEK - simply from hiring a professional who knows exactly what she’s doing. Ashley completely understands my vision and goals, and has allowed me to work more ON my business, instead of IN it, giving me back my time (and making more $!) Thank you Ashley!”


How do you plan posts?

We use a scheduling application which allows for us to schedule posts to be published monthly.

Do I get to review the content before posting?

Absolutely! We will send you a link to the finished product where you have the opportunity to review and approve all content before publishing.

How will you know my brand tone of voice?

We send out an intro questionnaire in order to gain a deep understanding for your philosophy and your message.
We also complete an introductory consulting call to understand the tone of voice you hope to achieve.

How do you know which hashtags to use?

We compile a custom hashtag bank for each client based on direct competitors, and use that in conjunction with hashtag generators to source relevant and
trending hashtags that correspond with each post and your niche.

What can I expect from working with you?

A stress free approach to rocking your social media. We want to make sure that you feel authentically represented via your social media.

Will you have access to my private messages?

Nope! All of our packages and add-ons (excepting Engagement Add-On) can be implemented using a 3rd party scheduling application. Your account privacy is guaranteed.

Do you post to IG stories?

We have some Add-Ons that would be perfect for this!
We would be happy to craft you a custom template for you to engage with your followers, and with our Engagement Add-On, we can take over posting as well!

Do I have to write my own captions?

Each package and add-on can be altered to fit your unique needs. If you would prefer to write your own captions, no problem! Would you prefer for us to write the captions but still have the freedom to input ideas, opinions or personal stories? We'll make it work, together!

How quickly will my following grow?

Each post will be hashtagged to fit the niche of your business and get your post in front of your relevant audience, but growing a feed organically takes time! Check out our Engagement Add-On if you'd like help growing your following.

How frequently do I have to send content?

All content is planned and scheduled on a monthly basis.

Do you respond to comments on posts?

Check out our Engagement Add-On if this is something you'd like us to take on for you!

What is expected of me?

We expect you to participate in an introductory questionnaire and consultation call to help us get a feel for your brand and your vision. After that, we only expect you to send along any relevant content that you would like to see on your feed!