getting your message in front of the right people at the right time - organically.

We believe beauty runs so much deeper than what’s on the outside, and this is true for both people and websites. While we can all agree that having a stunning website is a necessity in today’s digital age, what happens behind the scenes is equally as important.

At Rose Designs, we ensure that all of our websites are optimized for Search right from launch. But whether you already have a website that you’re looking to have optimized, looking for help with crafting a custom SEO content strategy, or simply looking for SEO guidance and reassurance – we’re ready for you. 


start showing up for their ideal clients in all the right places 

diversify their online presence (social algorithms are always changing y'all) 

start booking out their calendars from qualified traffic on their website


We offer SEO add-ons for our web design clients, and SEO services for entrepreneurs ready to get serious about bringing more traffic to their website. With a proper SEO strategy and implementation, you can ensure you’re reaching more of your ideal client so you can make a bigger impact in the world. Your ideal clients are out there, let us help them find you.


Let’s find our starting point. The site audit is equivalent to your mechanic doing an inspection on your car to determine what work needs to be done.


A site audit allows us to look at your current traffic metrics, technical issues, and other on-page factors to determine the best SEO tactics to get your website seen and converting more traffic. 


  • A 15-point website audit to get a comprehensive understanding of your current SEO status

  • A user-friendly report of findings

  • Recommendations based on findings for you to continue with your SEO strategy 


3-5 days


This is our bare minimum package. While it’s FULL of value, we believe if your website doesn’t at least check these boxes – it’s time to step it up.


We implement this package in all of our web design packages, but even if you have an existing website that needs a little love, we can get you up to speed.

We currently only work on the Wix and WordPress platforms for SEO optimization.


  • Comprehensive SEO Questionnaire

  • Full Site Audit (with Report of findings + recommendations) 

  • Keyword Research Based on Your Business Priorities

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Optimization of on-page content 

  • Optimization of on-page elements (heading structures, alt text, etc.)

  • Internal / External Linking

  • Schema Mark-Up Set-up

  • Analytics Set up (if needed)

  • Keyword Optimized Meta Titles + Descriptions


 1-2 weeks​


When was the last time you searched “coffee shop near me”? Surprise, that is a local search! Almost HALF of all Google searches are seeking local information so you’re missing a huge opportunity if you are a local business and your website isn’t optimized for local search.


If you run a bad ass local business and you want to make sure you’re showing up in local searches, then send us a message to explore our Local SEO package. 


  • Local citation and directory building

  • Google My Business Set Up and Optimization

  • Review + Backlink building suggestions

  • Keyword Research (if not a current Rose Designs client)

  • Competitive Analysis (if not a current Rose Designs client)


1-2 weeks​


Do you feel like you should be blogging but have NO idea where to start? Blogging is a great tool to establish authority in your niche, both for your audience and search engines. Our content strategy add-on offers guidance and reassurance that you’re writing about topics your audience actually wants to read and supporting your SEO efforts through effective keyword usage and content structuring. 


If you’re tired of writing about the benefits of magnesium or positive thinking (like Every. Other. Person.), and you’re ready to get more traffic from engaged readers, send us a message! 


  • Further competitive and content gap analysis

  • Additional keyword research

  • Spreadsheet of Blog topic ideas with related keyword clusters 

  • Blog Post Structuring tips 


1-2 weeks


We offer a one-hour consulting session which can be purchased as an add-on for your site audit or SEO basics package. During this session we will deep-dive into SEO strategy for you to implement over the coming months. We will discuss your personalized recommendations, and how to actually implement them in an easy and manageable way.


  • One-hour SEO consulting call 

  • Follow up document with actionable steps to implement recommendations


"Ashley brought innovation and technical expertise to the comprehensive redesign of our organization's website. Her work exceeded all expectations.

  Ashley has strong analytical skills and marketing knowledge, which allowed her to systematically address the old framework and make recommendations to strengthen the impact of our work. Ashley interacts with her clients and their work in a meaningful way. Happy to recommend her!" 

- Heather Smith


What does SEO stand for?

The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

SEO is a part of digital marketing that focuses on optimizing multiple factors to rank organically on search engines such as Google. Search Engine Optimization is considered a long-term digital marketing strategy and works to increase good quality website traffic over time.

How quickly can I expect to rank on the first page?

Unfortunately, with SEO you’re really at the mercy of Google. For a new website it can take over a year to see significant changes in ranking. This all depends on your niche/competition, algorithm changes, and how much effort you’re putting into SEO. If you’re looking for a custom SEO campaign send us a direct message here.

What does SEO optimized mean?

This means that we have optimized your website in terms of structure, content, and navigation. If we’re building your website from scratch, it means that we’re ensuring that there should be no known ranking factors holding you back from ranking well with Search Engines. If you’re a SEO basics client, this means we will identify any potential issues with your site, and optimize your on-page factors such as heading structure, content, alt tags, etc.

If my website is SEO optimized does this mean I can expect to rank on the first page?

It really depends on your niche and what keywords you’re trying to rank for. Unfortunately, SEO usually requires ongoing efforts to reach the first page (or maintain ranking on the first page).

Our optimization is meant to ensure there is nothing holding you back from ranking! We recommend our clients continue the SEO efforts on their own (through a content marketing strategy, or additional SEO strategy), or contact us for a custom SEO campaign.